Royal Arch Masons

MainPagePicture500To join a Chapter of Royal Arch Masons a man must be a Master Mason in good standing in his Blue Lodge. There are Royal Arch Chapters operating in 53 counties within Pennsylvania, with many counties having more than one Chapter. This means that it’s very possible that a Chapter meets right in the same building as your Blue Lodge! Once you are a member of your local Royal Arch Chapter you are entitled to attend meetings and activities that will expand your Masonic network and your opportunities within the fraternity. These may include educational programs relating to Masonry, social programs to build a bond between the members, or even travelling to visit other Chapters around the Commonwealth.

Whether you realized it or not, you started your Masonic Journey as a York Rite Mason. The Blue Lodge degrees that are conferred in Pennsylvania are firmly based in the York Rite. In many jurisdictions the Grand Lodge may be actively involved in maintining the York Rite traditions. This is the case in Pennsylvania as the degree of “Past Master,” which was traditionally conferred by the Royal Arch Chapter, is held for use by the Grand Lodge.

image002Royal Arch Chapters in Pennsylvania are unique, as they are part of the Grand Holy Royal Arch Chapter of Pennsylvania, one of very few Grand Chapters that remain unaffiliated with the national General Grand Chapter. This allows the members in Pennsylvania even more opportunities to explore and enjoy the Royal Arch.

It is often said that a Master Mason doesn’t fully grasp the whole story until he has completed his journey through the Royal Arch. So, what are you waiting for? Travel the road of Solomon, Hiram, and others by heading over to theĀ Join and Continue Your Journey Section!