Royal and Select Master Masons

Sanctum-SanctorumLike all good stories, the York Rite of Freemasonry had people clamoring for more! The Blue Lodge introduced the ideas of Freemasonry to you, while the Royal Arch Chapter continued the story, providing the final piece of your experience. The Council of Royal and Select Master Masons completes the next step by telling you the events that led up to the Blue Lodge degrees. Think of it as a prequel!

To join a Council you must first be a Master Mason as well as a Royal Arch Mason. In Council you’ll finally get to meet Hiram Abiff himself, talking with him about the building of the temple. He’ll explain to you some of the hidden portions of his work, all the while entrusting you with some of the most important secrets in Freemasonry. You should also seek out the optional degrees of Council. It is there that you will learn about a tragic historical event that cuts to the quick of Masonic values.

Weichsel&OaksAfter becoming a member of a Council you are able to attend all of the events and functions they hold, including social meetings and meals, fanastic ritual performances, and aid in fundraisers that help the Special Olympics. The opportunities in Council are enormous, and with nearly 50 Councils meeting around the State, there is a good chance one meets right where your local Lodge does!

Getting involved in a Council of Royal and Select Master Masons provides a great experience for a Master Mason to expand his horizons and learn more about the fraternity. Are you ready to continue your Masonic journey by joining a Council? If so, head on over to the Join and Continue Your Journey section!